20130922103552!Zavok Colors Trailer

See Sega this why you don't work with Nintendo because now we got a Bowser ripoff... Well at least he can talk

Name: Zavok

Origin: Sonic Lost World

Title: Leader of the Deadly Six

Classification: Zeti

Tier: 9-A--8-C( Possibly Higher)

Abilities and Powers: Magnetic Field Manipulation( control over Robots), Levitation, Flight, Hand to Hand Combat Skills, High Physical Strength, Enhanced Durability, Trained by Master Zik-- Fireball Projection, Size Enlargment, Energy Beam Emission

Techniques and Weapons: Robot Dragon Mech( can Shoot fireballs, capable of filght, can shoot lazer beams)

Destructive Capacity: Large Building Level--City Block Level( Possibly Higher since he is considered the Strongest of the Deadly Six)

Attack Potency: City Level( Enlarged, Sonic had to defeat him by indirect means)

Durability:City Block Level--Multi-City Block Level( Could take More Hits from Sonic)

Weaknesses: Cacophonic Conch

Speed: Superhuman Speed, Peak Human when enlarged Tier 1

Stamina: Very High

Striking Strength: Class GJ

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Intelligence: Very High( he is the Leader of the Deadly Six and is very Tactically Intelligent)

Key: Pre Extractor--Post Extractor

Combat Record: Lost to sonic, Considered the Strongest of the Deadly Six

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