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• 3/17/2015

A Break

im taking a break as school is starting to get tougher 
so this is just notice to everyone
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• 2/9/2015

About Striking Strength and Lifting Strength

i was thinking should we add a section for lifting strength in the format
and we should add classifications for Striking Strength and Lifting Strength
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• 1/12/2015

Many Changes

There has been many Changes to the Wiki
1. Thanks to Whatnoww for the updated Speed Tier List as it is much better than my system
2. I have Updated the Tier List to make it more accurate 
3. We have added Attack Potency to the Format to show what Levels characters could reach and Levels Calcs have given us
4. All Character Profiles have been updated to look more accurate 
5. Also in Each Character Profile i have added ability definition links from the Superpower wiki
6. i Also changed the Wiki Navigation to make the Wiki more easy to navigate
7. I have Added an Admin Test Page for ideas an admin would want to try to give our Wiki more quality
Changes and things to Come
1. I am Planning on making seperate Pages for feats for each character that might have any because the main feats page will get cluttered
2. Also i am adding Army and Group Profiles for Game Sonic once im done with the individual profiles and they will have a seperate format
3. When other Sonic Fictions other than Game, Archie, and X will be put in: they will be put in if another contributor would like to add in those characters but i will personally start working on them when done with the main 3 fictions.
4. this is more of an issue for me, when it comes to Fleetway and the Manga, i will have limited resources for them so hopefully someone who reads both of those comes here and contributes for those pages
5. More Items and Terms will be implemented
6. a Question for fellow Admins: should we have Archie Megaman added in the wiki as well since it is canon to Archie Sonic
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• 1/6/2015

Attack Potency

Adding this to the Format
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• 1/5/2015

Destructive Capacity Question

this is for Knuckles 
so Knux can punch the Ground hard enough for Fire and Lava to come up, what Level would be for that
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• 1/5/2015

Color Coding

im going to Color Code the key on the character profiles
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• 12/14/2014

should i move the feats

should i move the feats into their own pages for each character instead of having one huge feat list on the main page
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• 12/3/2014

Metal Sonic vs Black Doom

Round 1: They are in Base Form and can have up to six emeralds 
Round 2: Metal Sonic got Eggman's army while Black Doom gets his Dark Arms
Round 3: They both have transformations
Bonus: Metal Sonic has Sonic with him and Black Doom has Shadow with him and they are all in base form (Sonic will not be going all out)
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• 11/30/2014

New Videos

I added theme songs for some of the characters we have
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• 11/30/2014

Working on the Game Universe First

If you hadn't noticed i am working on the Game Universe first 
as well as only doing the main characters first 
note: when i get working on Archie i wont be doing main characters first due to many characters in Archie
If you want to make a character page for Archie and any other canon you can
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• 11/27/2014
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• 11/26/2014
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• 11/26/2014

Adding Combat Records to the Format

Adding these so fans know what Characters have done in battles against other characters 
or conquering feats.ex Scourge taking over Moebus
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• 11/26/2014

Main Characters in the Classic Era are now finished

These include 
Metal Sonic
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• 11/20/2014
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• 11/20/2014
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• 11/30/2014

Character profile contribute

if you want to add a character to any of the universe(i will make more universes) just put the character you are going to create so no one will make a character profile at the same time as another member and say when your finished
right now im working on eggman
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• 11/18/2014

Sonic the Hedgehog (game canon) is now created

the only thing that needs editing is the abilities and stuff for Excalibur Sonic
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• 11/18/2014
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• 11/18/2014

Im going to be a little slow with contibutions

Reasons being that i  have school
and as of right now im going through the comics and doing a character and feats lists
looking through all the games to help with the game canon
and i going to watch all the sonic tv shows so i can post more universes and characters 
btw with the archie comics there will be alot of characters so i will try to catgorize them
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